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Introduction to the Programs at Sanad:

At Sanad, we take a holistic approach in managing each individual’s symptoms and improving their functional skills. Our aim is to help improve your child’s ability to socialize and play, function academically, and move through everyday life with adaptive skills. We achieve this through our three core programs, depending on the age of your child, in combination with various therapies. Our therapists follow techniques set out by Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in a group/classroom-like setting. Each program offers different various age-appropriate activities to keep your child stimulated while learning new skills. Each classroom has a ratio of six students to three ABA therapists ensuring focused and specialised care for each individual. If deemed necessary, a student may have their own ABA therapist whilst still remaining amongst their peers in the classroom.

This applies to all ABA programs:

  1. 30-Hour Integrative Therapy Program based on Applied Behaviour Analysis
  2. Program timings 8am – 2pm
  3. Applied Behaviour Analysis sessions daily
  4. Inclusive of workshop activities – Arts and Craft, Music, Woodwork, Farming (in the winter season), PE, Pottery, Cooking
  5. Inclusive of 1 hour of grouped speech therapy and 1 hour of grouped occupational therapy per month.
  6. A ratio of 3 students: 6 ABA therapists
  7. There are 2 types of may be recommendations for a child after a consultation is complete:
  8. Group (where the child can be part of the program in group setting and share a therapist with another student – 2 students: 1 therapist) or,
    1:1 (Where a child is recommended to be part of the program on a 1:1 basis throughout their program but will still be in the classroom with other students)

  9. After enrollment, each child is subject to a 6 – 8-week assessment producing an Integrative Therapy Plan (ITP). This is individualised to each student. Progress meeting occur every 3 months.
  10. All programs adopt a holistic approach when it comes to caring for each child
  11. All program uses the Applied Behaviour methodology