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Eat Right Future Bright

Studies found that children with ASD are five times more likely to have mealtime challenges such as tantrums, extreme food selectivity and ritualistic eating behaviors. They also found inadequate nutrition to be more common among children with autism than in those unaffected by the disorder. Here at Sanad village we have a licensed clinical dietitian with special needs experience who provides healthy tips and diet plans in collaboration with other departments like OT, SLP and ABA.
What services does the nutrition department provide?
  1. Nutrition consultation 
  2. Diet modification based on sensory issues 
  3. Individualized diet plans depending on student’s medical condition 
  4. Diet and physical activity plans 
  5. Monitor students’ weight and health record
  6. Monitor the dietary intake and nutritional status of the students  
  7. Food catering services – Balanced and healthy 
  8. Follow up with students’ food intake