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The medical department plays an indispensable role in ensuring the well-being and health of our students. With a dedicated focus on students' physical and mental health, their responsibilities encompass a wide range of crucial functions:
What services does Medical Services provide?
Primary Health Care Services: 
The medical department serves as the primary point of contact for students’ healthcare needs. It provides a comprehensive range of medical services, ensuring that students have access to essential care without leaving the campus.
24/7 On-Site Medical Support:
Students can rest easy knowing that there is round-the-clock medical support available. Whether it’s a minor ailment or a more serious concern, the medical staff is there to provide assistance and guidance whenever it’s needed.
Swift Response and Professional Judgement: 
The medical team is trained to respond swiftly to medical emergencies. Their expertise allows them to make professional judgments in identifying health needs and managing critical situations effectively.
Health Screening Programs:
Proactive health screening programs are put in place to detect health issues early. This preventative approach helps in maintaining the overall well-being of students.
Multidisciplinary Collaboration:
Collaboration with other campus departments is a key aspect of the medical department’s role. They work in a multidisciplinary team, sharing their expertise to enhance the overall student experience and outcomes.
Lifestyle Recommendations:
The medical department doesn’t just address immediate health concerns; they also provide recommendations for lifestyle changes. These suggestions are aimed at improving students’ quality of life and promoting healthy habits.
Care for Chronic Illnesses and Special Needs:
A crucial part of their mission is to assess, plan, and implement healthcare plans for students with chronic illnesses and special needs. This personalized care ensures that every student, regardless of their health condition, can thrive in the campus environment.